WordPress as Web Help Solution

User documentation has changed much over the last decade. However, with preference of web-based applications over desktop-applications, user documentation too has entirely moved online barring a few. Printed documentation in the software industry is now mostly used to refer to the installation of hardware and some software that needs hardware attachments or configurations. Apart from these changes, single-sourcing has reduced the technical writing cost as content can be reused to generate documents in different formats and for different audience.

All of these advantages come with a price. Most of the features that allow you to create documents in different formats with custom structures come only with expensive software. Other than the software itself, you need to hire experienced writers and developers to implement these content management systems.

We understand that as a small or medium business, keeping the input costs at a minimum is paramount. At the same time, you must provide value to your product users in all possible ways. Our approach to creating web-based end-user documentation ensures that your customers get the best possible user assistance.

WordPress to the rescue

With WordPress as a CMS platform, you can now leverage most of the benefits of a sophisticated content management system. WordPress is completely free. Additionally, adding and deleting content does not require any technical knowledge. It is as good as writing in desktop publishing software such as Word or Open Office. Some of the ways small businesses can benefit from using WordPress for technical documentation include:

  • No software cost
  • Minimal hosting cost
  • Lower expenditure toward technical writers
  • Custom Design and Branding flexibility
  • Remote access to update content
  • Editorial control with templates
  • Enforced editorial workflows
  • Publish in PDF
  • Scalability

But enough with the bullet points. Stay tuned to our future posts on how to create end-user documentation using WordPress – we look forward to your participation to find a perfect solution. Or if you are super busy, just subscribe to our blog and read about it in your Inbox as we stumble through the process – your participation will only help us create better documentation.

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