Using Twitter Widgets to Curate Content

Twitter widgets can help you keep your curated content dynamic without dedicating additional time to content curation tasks. Content curation is a complex task that requires searching for the right sources and then evaluating their worth. With people and influencers sharing links on Twitter all the time, you can come across good information anytime. Although Twitter widgets will not allow you to add commentary to the post you wish to share with your readers, it can help you quickly share information with your website visitors or for any other reasons you curate content.

Twitter Widgets

Twitter allows its users to create different widgets that you can embed on your website. You can create a feed of your tweets, a feed from your public list, or use a combination of Hashtags. But these individual tweets are not hand picked. I believe content curation works best when the curator evaluates and shares an individual article rather than completely automating the task based on keywords. You can share specific topics including links that you have opened and read by creating Twitter widgets showing Favorites.


Creating Favorite Twitter Widgets

  1. Log on to your Twitter account. Click the gear icon, and then click Settings.

  2. Click the Widgets tab, and then click Create New.

  3. Click the Favorites tab, enter your Twitter handle and define the look-and-feel for your widget. If you wish to display favorites selected by some other Twitter user, you can enter their Twitter handle.

  4. Click Create Widget. You can now see the code you can add to your website under the Preview. Here you can make additional changes to the code to customize your Twitter widgets.

  5. Copy and paste this code on your website page to display all the articles that you have Favorited.


To keep this page updated, all you have to do is favorite any article you like while going through your Twitter feed. This not only helps you share good information with your website visitors, but also helps you have a conversation with others on Twitter and build new relationships.

So what kind of widget would you like to create using Twitter? Try it out and let us know how you did!


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