Twitter Monitoring Essentials for Business

Twitter monitoring is the only way you can optimize your Twitter strategy. With ballooning tweeters and reducing screen sizes, the chances of someone catching a glimpse of your tweets are slim. Monitoring the Follower response is, then, the only option to maximize benefits from your Twitter activity.

Monitoring twitter to adjust strategy

Monitoring Your Twitter Account

Well, you already know what you are doing. But you also need to know what response you get from your followers and how much impact your tweets really have?  For example, if you want to offer discounts through Twitter, you would  first want to know the following information about your tweets:

  • Tweet’s  reach

  • Number of clicks

  • Number of RTs

  • Your account mentions

  • Who listed you

  • Who followed and who unfollowed you

  • Replies from other people

This information will help you adjust your Twitter activity before you start that campaign, to get maximum results.


Monitoring Local Trends

Although the Internet is a global playing field, local relevance is fast gaining importance, with changes to major search engine algorithms. Additionally, if you are a brick and mortar business limited to a city, you need to be visible to your local customers. Twitter monitoring will inform you of the topics that are discussed at different geographical levels – city, country, and global. This information gives you an opportunity to join the local conversation.


Monitoring Follower Trends

Social media followers are your social media assets. Without them you are bankrupt. To be successful in your commercial campaigns or increasing your follower base, you need to participate in their conversations. To do this successfully you need to know what they are talking about. Monitoring follower trends will get you information about your industry, your customers, and open channels of communication.

Twitter Influencers

The commercial value of social media is to get your word out in a personalized manner to as many people as you can. It is no secret that an RT by one influencer can be worth thousands of impressions. Monitor Twitter for influencers within your Followers and also in your industry. This way you can engage with the influencers in your Follower list as well as connect with new influencers in your industry.


Firing a hundred arrows in a forest will hit a few fruits; aiming a hundred arrows at a fruit tree will fetch many more.

Monitoring your Twitter activity is the key to success. What monitoring tools do you use to track your progress across social media channels? And how often do you track them. We want to know.


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