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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #cc3300;”]L[/dropcap]aVoie Entertainment aims to make you a Social Media Star with its upcoming reality TV show. However, the path to social media fame is full of challenges as the First Amendment does not cover everything you say online.

Employees don’t enjoy free speech

Your ‘will’ may or may not be free, but the speech is not entirely free, according to this statement – “There’s this misperception by some that we enjoy free speech in all the facets of our lives, but we don’t,” – by Ken Paulson, president of the First Amendment Center. Clearly, organizations need to lay out social media guidelines about what can be and cannot be discussed on the social networks rather than throttle all communication on social media.


Your chance to be a Social Media Star

That is exactly how the forthcoming social media reality show aims to entertain you with. Gossip, controversy, drama, the TV show planned by LaVoie Entertainment has the makings of a super hit reality TV show that aims to keep you glued to the screen – both TV and phone! Take a look at this checklist and apply to become a Social Media Star.


Instagram provides embed code for website

In a new feature release, Instagram will now provide a code snippet that you can put in your blog or website. This will show the specific pictures you selected and link the image to your Instagram page.


Will you fix a computer in return for an AC leak fix?

Social media has spawned many exciting solutions for myriad problems, simple and complex. If you think you have to pay an exorbitant amount for getting a plumbing leak fixed, you may be in luck. Time Republik, a service swapping website lets you barter time and skills. This new service conceptualized by Gabriele Donati and Karim Varini, lets you earn credits for your service. You can then use the credit to get a service for something that you cannot do yourself without paying for it in cash.

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