Can Small Business Owners Afford Genesis 2.0?

Is the Genesis 2.0 framework by Copyblogger Media worth its price for small business owners? So what if Darren Rowse’s Problogger, Kim Garst’s Boom Social or Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert run on the Genesis framework? They can probably afford it! Why should a solopreneur, professional or small business owner who is just starting out shell out big bucks for Genesis 2.0?

A Ferrari packs the power of 900 horses, but everyone can’t think of buying one.

Why Genesis 2.0

Genesis 2.0

The new Genesis 2.0 framework comes power packed with a lot of enhancements and features. Here are some that are worth pointing out.


Mobile Responsive

Genesis 2.0 and all the themes on it are fully responsive, meaning that your website will appear at its best on any tablet, mobile phone or computer screen. This means more people around the world will be easily able to access your business.


Fast Performance

Your WordPress theme is ultimately made up of code, and Genesis 2.0 ensures that it is clean and lightweight. This means fast loading times, so you don’t lose a visitor just because they got tired of waiting for your site to load.

Built-in Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Genesis 2.0 has better SEO than before with support. This allows you to classify your content according to existing schemas making it easier for search engines to find and display your website.

Higher position in search engine results mean more website visits, which is what everyone wants.


Top Security

With websites under constant attack, security should be any website owner’s top concern. Genesis 2.0 is optimized for all the security updates in WordPress 3.6. Since security is a top priority for Genesis, all you need to do to ensure security is make sure you click the Update button.


Professional Look and Feel

Genesis 2.0 comes equipped with a feature rich theme and there are many child themes to choose from, based on the kind of look and feel you want for your website. The Pro Plus package provides all current and future child themes, meaning you have dibs on anything new that is released from the Genesis shop.

You are ensured a no nonsense look that means people will take you seriously from the get go – an invaluable tool in positioning your business.


Unlimited Support

Once you buy the Genesis 2.0 framework, you can use it on any number of websites. You will get all new updates, and there is a skilled support network at hand, ready to answer your questions and get you through any roadblocks.

Based on our experience, this is the single most essential and important feature that you need from any WordPress theme provider. As straightforward as building a WordPress site is, there are unforeseen issues that you are sure to run into.
StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Things to Consider when buying Genesis 2.0

When we started our business, cost was a big concern and we chose Elegant Themes because it offered us value based on our situation. Then we were waiting for the much anticipated 2.0 release from Genesis. As our website and blog grows bigger, the task of switching over gets more tedious day by day. While scheduling time for the work involved is tough, the risk of downtime due to unforeseen issues is also high.

What do you think after looking at all the Genesis 2.0 features? If you are still daunted by the cost, consider thinking of it as an investment rather than an expense. And if you are thinking you will go for a free theme now and upgrade ‘later’, take it from me that it is not that feasible.

Visit the Genesis 2.0 website for more details. And do it right the first time. Ask away if you have any questions.

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