13 Most Informative Twitter Posts of 2013

Twitter, the world’s #2 social network, is second only to Facebook. With over 200 million active users worldwide, Twitter is publicly listed. More importantly, it can be used by business owners to generate leads, inform and educate potential customers and support existing ones. Brands like Whole Foods Market, Victoria’s Secret and Burberry are proof. Informative Twitter posts

I am creating this roundup to bring you some of the most informative Twitter posts of 2013. These address some advanced features, changes in functionality and hopefully answer some burning questions businesses have once they start using Twitter. These are not introductory posts, so if you are a newbie, it might be better to read some basic material on Twitter first to familiarize yourself with the concept of micro blogging. Have fun recapping or learning these helpful posts on Twitter.

Informative Twitter Posts of 2013

1. Twitter Plugins and Widgets for WordPress

Most business owners who have a website want to integrate Twitter with it in some way. This detailed post by Gera at Wpulsar lists over 35 Twitter plugins for WordPress. I am sure you will find at least one that suits your needs. Tweet Old Post is very popular. The Tweet Like Box is a good way to get your website readers to follow you on Twitter.

2. Twitter Lead Generation Cards

When Twitter announced these lead generation cards for their advertisers, it created quite a stir. Imagine capturing an email id from within Twitter? Jay Baer at Convince&Convert explains this feature and also tells us what other industry experts think about this feature.

3. To Buy or Not to Buy Twitter Followers

This is a question that everyone is secretly thinking of. Many hesitate to actually voice this for fear of censure. But we know this is happening out there. We all have these funky followers who offer us thousands of Twitter followers for little money. And we also see accounts that seem to have a huge number of followers for hardly any tweets. Megan Marrs takes all these questions in stride. She addresses every possible angle like why to buy, why not to buy, how to buy, where to buy while also telling the readers the advantage of an organically acquired following. Whether you are a new user or an advanced user of Twitter, this post is a must read.

4. Using Twitter Data for Targeted Outreach

If you have ever tried to find just the right blog to submit a guest post to, or reach out to for any kind of alliances, you know it is hard to find just the right one. Someone who aligns with your philosophy, and is also familiar to your target customers may not just come up in a Google search. Richard Baxter tackles this problem in his detailed post on Moz.com. He shares a short video and also a slideshow of his presentation. If you stick with the post and follow the steps, you will have a great way to mine some valuable data from Twitter.

5. Making Money on Twitter

Most business owners use Twitter as a networking tool, as a means to an end. But what if Twitter can get your cash register ringing? Michael Johnston at MonetizePros lists 101 ways you can monetize Twitter. Sponsored tweets are just the tip of the iceberg. This post is worth a read, just to get an idea of the wide array of possibilities.

6. Twitter for Crowdfunding

Startups need money and crowdfunding is a popular way to get some investors. Why not use Twitter to raise awareness about your campaign? You can get your message across with some engaging tweets, and attract attention by following influencers and using hashtags. The FundRazr blog gives us 7 tips to market a crowdfunding campaign using Twitter.

7. Twitter Changes You Should Know About

Social media networks are constantly rolling out changes in the form of enhancements and new functionality. Sometimes the changes are obvious to the users. But many times we can miss out on really useful features if we don’t know about them. Belle Beth Cooper of Buffer Blog lists some important Twitter changes every user should be aware of. Changes include a scheduling feature for ad users, IOS 7 and Android updates and DMs from anyone to name a few.

8. Twitter Analytics

Analytics provide valuable insight and opportunity to make corrections as needed. In her post for Search Engine Watch, Kristi Hines elaborately explains the Twitter Analytics feature. This analytics feature is available to all users by signing in at analytics.twitter.com. Demographic information here can be priceless in creating future products and offers. You can even add your website to cross reference it with tweets.

9. Making Twitter More Useful

Have you ever wondered if you are getting the most of the time you spend on Twitter? I have. John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing shares his way of reducing clutter from his Twitter timeline. While the post offers a solution and explains the rationale behind it, the comments are worth reading where readers share the tips and tricks they use for maximizing what they get out of Twitter.

10. Twitter Chat for Business

As a Twitter user, you must have participated in a chat. Have you ever thought of hosting one of these? Might seem like a daunting task to some. This post on Social Media Examiner will convince you of the benefits of hosting your own Twitter chat. A word of caution – observe and learn before you go all out.

11. Tailored Audiences for Ad Retargeting

In July, Twitter announced that it was testing ad retargeting for tailored audiences. This feature is now available worldwide and will target Twitter users who have already visited the advertiser’s website. This has a great significance for capturing mobile users, since many people access both websites as well as their Twitter accounts via their smart phones. Anthony Ha at Techcrunch explains it all in his lucid post. Users will have a way to opt out of this kind of advertising.

12. Twitter Widgets to Grow Your Network

The Twitter widgets feature has big potential. It can be used to curate content. And there is no limit to how you can customize it to suit a particular need. Our post on Twitter widgets shows you 14 ways you can use them to grow your network. Highlighting praise or fans or shadowing competition are just some of them.

13. Twitter Lingo Guide

After reading so much useful stuff about Twitter, I am sure you are ready for something light. How about that Twitter lingo? Personally, I confess to not using much of it, other than RT. But Mashable has put together this list which will have you shooting these acronyms at sonic speed. OMG (SMH)! It’s really something. AFAIK, TIL something cool, ICYMI! TMB what you think.   You are probably busy reading all these different posts and deciding what advice to implement for your business. Please take a moment to share what you think about this collection. Is any of this new to you? Which feature will you be using for 2014?

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