How to Create a killer Facebook Ad – The 4 step quickie!

Facebook ads are a great way to advertise your business and reach out to your target audience. While almost any well crafted ad claims to do that, conventional media rely on the ad content to reach out to a certain market segment. Not so with Facebook! Facebook ads can supercharge any campaign because they allow you, the business owner, to define your target audience or customer using several different criteria.

Whether you spread your net far and wide, or narrow it down to a zip code or certain age group, your ad still needs to stand out and grab attention. It could be something quirky, funny, outrageous, or just too good an offer to pass by. Depending on your objective, your ad should direct the customer to your Facebook page or to any external landing page.


Are you using these guidelines to make that killer Facebook ad?

Images for Ads

A picture speaks a thousand words, or a million! You know what I mean. Eye catching graphics go a long long way to garnering the viewer’s attention. Make sure that you use an attractive picture for your ad. This could be your logo or a small graphic you create especially for this ad.

Since Facebook pages are mostly blue, using something bright will make the ad stand out. Using contrasting colors is an invaluable tip!


Copy for Ads

Writing great copy is a MUST if you want an effective advertisement. The text of your ad should be short, precise and clear, and should strike a chord with your target demographic. Keeping it short and sweet will make a greater impact too. We do not want any clutter here! Remember, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention.


Call to Action

Unless you have a specific purpose or desired outcome in mind, you should not be posting an ad. The call to action is very important here because this is how you let your customer know what you are asking them to do. If generating fans is your sole purpose with this ad, ask people to ‘Like’ you on your page. If you are promoting a product, ask them to visit a landing page, or buy your product.


Time sensitive

An advertisement generally promotes something for a limited period, and you should stress this in your short text. Let people know how long your offer is valid. Stress the urgency! If you are offering some freebies, putting an end date on them will spur action. You can always create newer ads when your offers on the current ads become obsolete.


Is it enough to have an attractive ad? How do you hold your audience once they click on your ad? Having an interesting Facebook page is critical. Your page should be attractive to look at because that is the first thing fans will see when they land on your page. You should also have interesting content such as photos, Historical milestones, updates etc. that will make people like you and want to keep coming back!

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