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According to Technorati, there are about 164,000,000 blogs in the blogosphere. Free hosting services from Google and WordPress have made it easier for people to publish their opinions and ideas to the world in minutes. With more than 70 percent internet users reading blogs regularly, it has become a major source of information. In this complex and rapidly evolving blog landscape, you need to ensure that you are writing interesting blog posts and delivering consistent value.

Business blogging: State of Blogoshphere

Image source – http://www.rightmixmarketing.com/right-mix-blog/blogging-statistics/

Why Write a Blog

We all need information to make an ‘informed’ decision. Business blogs present the opportunity to give readers the information – additional information, which traditionally could not be provided through the limited capacity of marketing communication artifacts such as brochures, flyers, advertisements, and so on. We now have large organizations, small businesses, and individuals exploiting this new medium of communication and jostling for the shelf space in the blogosphere.

Writing Interesting Blog Posts – Problems

At a time when online Search tools have become a preferred choice of seeking information, experiencing information overload is common. To counter information overload, and yet make an informed decision, your readers will analyze the available information and asses the credibility of information on your blog to decide if they should come back.

Then, as a small business owner or a professional, you must understand that readers will adopt different techniques to bypass content that appears to be spam or insincere. There are various indicators or attributes that can put off the reader, but there are nearly equal number of attributes that can help you retain your readers and have them visit your blog. Your reasons for writing a business blog could be many. You may want to create a buzz for a new product or provide a platform to discuss product features. You could be an individual who just wants to share experiences and have engaging discussions with your peers.

Business Blog Writing – What Works?

To achieve your blog writing objective it is important that you answer specific questions of your readers and design your blog to support this objective. In the next few posts, we will look at some of the key questions you should ask yourself while starting a business blog and keep asking as you progress to keep your blog relevant and interesting to your readers.

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