How Do You Blog – Why You Need a Blogging Process

How do you Blog: why you need a blogging process

Bloggers often stumble through the blogging process initially, except a chosen few who are particular enough to research everything about blogging for a few days or weeks before beginning to write. For the rest of us, it is kind of a spur of the moment activity, though the idea itself may be playing around in our minds for some time. Personal bloggers can afford to do this, because the blog is about their experiences, after all.

But corporate and small business blogs cannot afford to blog about their whims and fancies. Not only because of the danger of appearing unorganized, but also because of the cost associated with an ad-hoc approach.

So what does defining and following a process tell your readers about you and how does it help you?

A blogging process defines what you need to do

We do everything in a sequence. For example, when you want to get a DVD or watch a movie, you go through certain steps – you think of what you feel like watching at the time, then check what is available, and so on. Similarly, routine tasks such as buying groceries requires taking inventory of existing items, meal planning for the next week, perhaps looking at the weekly deals among others. These are some of the processes that you have optimized over time and you follow them without thinking of them as a formal process. But these sequential steps help you run things smoothly. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the week with an empty milk gallon, do you?

A formal process helps you plan ahead and make choices for the long term.

Provides a bird’s eye view

Outlining the process helps you understand the interconnections and provides a holistic view of what your blogging entails. This helps you visualize how your early choices can affect later actions. For example, identifying your blog objective and defining your audience will govern most of the decisions you take while designing and writing your blog.

Saves time and money

Trying to define a process makes you take a keen look at how you do things and weed out any extraneous activities that do not add value. This ensures a Lean process upfront, which is definitely going to be more profitable for a business owner. Creating a process also helps you separate the one-time tasks from the repetitive ones eliminating unnecessary rework.


The Blog Development Life Cycle defined how we do things at RightMix Technologies. It is still very much a Work In Progress and will be optimized as we experience new challenges while blogging for our business and our customers.


Do you follow any process for your blogging? How different is it from the one we outlined in our previous post? I am sure your comments can spark a fruitful discussion that will benefit all bloggers.

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