Elegant Themes Review – Good, Better and Best

Why is Elegant Themes your Best Choice for a Premium WordPress theme? There are thousands of free WordPress themes out there. Why should you actually spend money and buy a premium one? This is because premium themes often have many attractive and useful features already built-in. Which means you need hardly any enhancements or external plugins. You can just pick and choose features you want and viola! You are in business!

[box type=”info”] There is no need to invest hundreds of dollars in some expensive framework. Elegant themes gives you a whole bundle of all their themes for a very low cost. [/box]

Read on to find out how Elegant themes can deliver a first class website for your business domain.
Elegant Themes Review – Good, Better and Best

Tour of Elegant Themes Features

1) ePanel from Elegant Themes

Each theme comes with many options. These are available in a visually pleasing editor called the ePanel. With the ePanel you can specify post counts and logos under General Settings, change link order and specify Custom Menus under Navigation, create a custom structure using Layout, add banner ads through Ad Management, control SEO and much more. You also have access to a whole bunch of support documentation.

Elegant Themes ePanel

Elegant Themes ePanel Features

2) Shortcodes from Elegant Themes

The beauty of Elegant Themes is that you create pretty complex layouts without writing any code. Using the built-in shortcodes is super easy. And it makes your  website look beautiful and professional at the same time. And you don’t pay separately for this.

Here are some of the shortcodes you can add according to your need –

Buttons –

Small or large buttons, icon buttons – there is a number of them to choose from. You can add hyperlinks so that the buttons can go to any page when you click on them. An order button could take the user to your order form, or a Feedback button could take the user to a feedback form.

Elegant Themes Buttons Shortcodes

Elegant themes small button


Boxes –

Different content boxes can be used to stress something. Check how pretty these look. And they stress what you want to say.

Elegant Themes Boxes Shortcodes


Image Sliders –

Flash is out and Image Sliders are in. Adding a slider to your home page makes it instantly attractive to the visitor. You can choose 1) number of pictures to add 2) Speed of the slider 3) Look and feel. Depending on the theme, the sliders even have a different look and feel that works best for a certain type of business. And it is all included in the package!


Content Tabs, Columns etc.

You can arrange content in any format you want pretty easily using these short codes. There is no need to write any nasty HTML code to create columns or tables.

These can also be embedded within the above pretty boxes, without writing any code!

elegant themes tab in info box


You think that’s impressive? We’re just getting started! Social media icons, pricing tables, Testimonials and many more shortcodes allow you to easily build a website that takes you ahead of the competition.


3) Page Templates from Elegant Themes

There are several inbuilt page templates – with a sidebar, without a sidebar, with a contact form etc. By using these templates, you eliminate the need of having to use any external plugins. For this also there is no need to customize the structure of each page.

elegant themes page templates


4) Support from Elegant Themes

Support is essential for any online product, especially one that you are planning to use over time. This is the most impressive feature for me! Nick Roach is just great at responding to any requests, and the forums and support community also helps. I have had many queries resolved via the forum. In most cases, I have found solutions in the archives, and it is gratifying to know that someone else faced the same hurdle.

elegant themes support forums

I have had multiple solutions for the same problem on the forums. You just can’t beat that!

5) Guarantee

If all this was not enough, there is also a money back guarantee. But the cost of this product is so low that even if one theme works for you, you will feel you got your money’s worth. Obviously, I have not checked this out for myself.


Now that we have seen all the above advantages, you will want to know exactly what kind of themes you get and how many. The last I saw there were 70+ themes! That is a lot. There are themes for business websites, food, real estate, magazines and much more.

Whatever your business, I am sure you will find a theme that fits your needs so much that it will need a minimum amount of customization. But if you don’t, the ePanel and short codes ensure you can change the Look and Feel to anything you want.

Here is a high level look at the number of themes category wise.

elegant themes list
Elegant Themes Review – Good, Better and Best

Next Steps


I am sure you are excited with all you have found out about Elegant Themes. Did I mention you get all these features at only $39 for a year long subscription? As a newly launched business, our resources are pretty limited, but I could not find this kind of value anywhere else.


I have spent some time in collecting all this information and putting it together to help you in your buying decision. But this is incomplete without knowing if it is helpful or not.

[box type=”info”] Please leave a comment telling me what you think of this post. Was there too much detail, or too little?[/box]

I plan to actually review these themes one by one. Is there any particular theme you would like to see reviewed first? Drop a note here and let me know.

Even better, just click on this image and check the elegant themes website for yourself.
Elegant Themes Review – Good, Better and Best


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