Content Strategy: Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Unique content is the cornerstone of a good content strategy. You spend many hours writing informational posts that offer value to your readers. In these current times content is not limited to text, and images in your posts are as important as an attractive title. They have the potential to arouse curiosity or dissuade the readers.

The huge, one-time effort that you put in crafting that perfect blog post can be used to serve audiences in different channels.

Let us look at some of the ways you can repurpose the content you create for your blog. Just as social media, blogs are an inalienable part of any marketing effort now. This is also the medium where you can provide maximum information to your readers and for as long as you wish compared to social media networks, where messages are a flowing stream. You can use blogs as a content reservoir that can provide content for all other media channels.

#1 Content Reuse: Blogging to Micro Blogging

Every blog post contains hidden gems, statements you make about your products, the business environment, your business philosophy, and so on. When buried in the text, these are often ignored by the readers or do not have the desired impact. According to this recent report (about memory retention), people remember statements made on Twitter and Facebook posts more than what they read in long texts.


Content Reuse: Tweet statments and quotes


For example, the TweetHerder plugin helps you mark specific statements and adds a tweet button  next to the statement or the quote. You or your readers can then tweet these specific statements.

#2 Content Reuse: Story in Pictures

No content is complete without images anymore. Blog posts with attractive imagery and an infographic often attract more views that those without any images. Why should the image you created with so much effort be limited to your blog? Share these images on Instagram and Pinterest to attract readers to your blog. Twitter too allows you to embed images with tweets.

Content Reuse: Pinterest

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images  WordPress plugin makes it easy to share images for your readers.

# 3 Content Repurpose: Podcasts

When 24 hours are too less, multitasking is the only solution to stretch the time we have. People often listen to music and other shows on walks, during a commute, and though not advisable, during driving. Read your posts aloud and publish them as podcasts on iTunes.

# 4 Content Repurpose: The age of Video

Popularity of Gangnam Style video on YouTube (1,233,227,947 views) is an indication of this medium’s popularity as well as the potential. Moreover, most of the smartphones now come with the YouTube application installed. You can use the content of your blog post and convert it into a screencast available through Youtube.

# 5 Content Recycle: The Afterlife

Blogs are the most important part of your content strategy. But content strategy involves activities and media beyond the online realm. You will surely have people making presentations to clients, or attending conferences and events. A series of blogs posts that you produced so painstakingly can be converted into a conference presentation.


Do you agree that the effort required to reuse and repurpose the content is much less than reinventing the wheel every time?

We would like to know if you have used these techniques before and if they were planned.

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