8 Content Marketing Infographics Every Marketer Must Bookmark

Long posts are very helpful and there are things that cannot be said in a checklist, image, or an infographic. However, an infographic can be very useful as a quick reference sheet to get the gist of a post or to check if you have addressed all the things related to a topic.

This post shares a collection of the best content marketing infographics created by leading content marketers and bloggers. The idea is to provide our readers everything they need to know about content marketing in a visual language.

Content Strategy

A content strategy helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors and offer something unique to your audiences. Similarly, it helps you present a consistent image across different channels.

Courtesy of: B2B Infographics


Audience Analysis

Audience analysis is one of the most important parts of your content strategy and content marketing plan. Accurate knowledge of your audience and customer can help you decide what content will be beneficial to your readers and therefore get the most engagement.

Content Planning and Mix

Different people have different learning styles and prefer information in different formats. Similarly, different content formats are suitable for specific information types. To reach and connect with all of your audience, you need to create information in different formats and of different types.
content types infographic


Content Creation

Content creation is the core of your content marketing effort. People seek content when they want information or they want to be entertained. You need to create content that captures their attention and keeps them hooked to your blog or other media channels.

content creation

Source: http://moz.com/blog/indepth-guide-to-content-creation-with-infographic

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Graphs.net.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
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Content Distribution and Amplification

The best of content can be useless if it does not reach the right people or enough people. You need to publish your content on the right platforms to ensure that you get the maximum exposure and opportunity to achieve your objectives.

Content Amplification

Content Monitoring

Without feedback you have no chance of improving your content marketing campaigns. Monitoring response to you content marketing efforts will help you gauge what is working and find out areas where you need to make adjustments.
KPIs for measuring content marketing ROI[ Source TechWyse Internet Marketing]


Automation is the key to minimize cost of content marketing and improving the returns on you content marketing efforts. There are many free and premium tools that you can use to ensure that you create, distribute, and monitor your content marketing efforts.

Courtesy of: B2B Infographics

Did you find these infographics useful? Do you think we missed any good ones or any other related infographics? Share them with us and we will be happy to include those here.

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