5 Lessons Blogger Events Taught Me

Audience analysis

RightMixTech celebrates three years this coming week (yay!) and it has been a great ride. We have focused a lot on creating an online brand and producing valuable content. I think it is safe to say that this blog has its share of staunch supporters. We have always served a global customer base, with a […]

Blogmint – Where Brands and Bloggers Meet

Blogmint 1

Blogging is still not very mainstream as a profession, but it has come along since we first started this blog almost 3 years ago. If you think ‘blogger’ equals someone who just rants and raves or swears and disses about life in general, you really don’t know what the word entails now. But read any […]

How to Choose Bloggers as Brand Advocates

bloggers brand advocates

How much do bloggers really influence your brand image? Can bloggers really be brand advocates? If you are on the brink of this decision, this post will set you straight. While there are examples of influencers making or breaking brand perceptions, non-celebrity, niche bloggers have much more impact on influencing the buying decision. The latest […]

9 Simple Ways to Get NO Blog Comments

No Blog Comments

Blog Comments are huge! We all know that. They mean someone is standing in your store, OK, your virtual store. Remember what Charlie Trumper preached? People don’t want to enter an empty store. The moment a reader sees comments on a post, they probably head there first. No Comments means your post is not that […]

How to Build a Successful eMail Campaign

successful email campaigns

Email marketing campaigns can be a beast to master. As anyone that has ever deployed an email campaign knows, it’s easy for an email to be filtered into a junk mail folder, destined to be deleted without being read. That’s a scary prospect for any business that is spending valuable time, resources and money on […]

Altitude Pro Theme – Latest Parallax Theme from Studiopress

Altitude Pro prallax theme

My earliest understanding of the parallax concept came from sunglasses. Yes! As a teen, I was totally fascinated by sunglasses. They seemed so chic and grown up. Checking out sunglasses from street sellers was a favorite thing to do while hanging out with friends. Raybans they weren’t. And very frequently they skewed the world view. […]

Blogging Success Playbook for 2015


Is blogging a silver bullet or bitter pill? It is neither, in my opinion. Blogging can reap multiple benefits but it is certainly not a panacea. Having fantastic expectations from your blog is a sure formula for failure. If you are reading this, you are either a blogger or are very eager to start blogging. […]