The Secret to Being Really Annoying on Twitter


Twitter is perhaps the first social media network I joined when I started my company. And it remains my favorite. Twitter is finally becoming a mainstream network in India and brands are leveraging it in a big way. Small businesses like restaurants or specialty brands are following suit. Unfortunately, it is a suit that fits […]

12 Reasons I Chose Flatbook Theme for Selling My eBook

Flatbook theme - ebook selling theme

When we released our eBook Blogging with WordPress, I chose to create a sales page from scratch. It seemed very easy. It was easy, but time consuming. No matter how simple a task seems, execution always takes time. I am on the verge of publishing another eBook, and this time I decided to go with […]

Blogmint – Where Brands and Bloggers Meet

Blogmint 1

Blogging is still not very mainstream as a profession, but it has come along since we first started this blog almost 3 years ago. If you think ‘blogger’ equals someone who just rants and raves or swears and disses about life in general, you really don’t know what the word entails now. But read any […]

How to Choose Bloggers as Brand Advocates

bloggers brand advocates

How much do bloggers really influence your brand image? Can bloggers really be brand advocates? If you are on the brink of this decision, this post will set you straight. While there are examples of influencers making or breaking brand perceptions, non-celebrity, niche bloggers have much more impact on influencing the buying decision. The latest […]