3 Features I Wish RebelMouse Had

In our previous post, we discussed how you could use RebelMouse for content curation. You can have your own page on RebelMouse with a URL such as “rebelmouse.com/yourpage” or you can even embed the RebelMouse page within your own website. Since my last post, I have spent some time creating the RightMix Tech page on RebelMouse, and have also been easily able to include this as a page on our own website.

Rebelmouse Features

In addition to the above two methods, RebelMouse allows you to embed the said page as part of your sidebar too. What’s more, they actually offer to do it for you! Having this kind of assistance is invaluable for the typical small business owner who’s being pulled into different directions.


As wowed as I am by everything RebelMouse offers, there are some features that I wish RebelMouse had. This is just my wish list, and maybe the fine innovative folks at RebelMouse will actually convert these into features?


My Wish list for RebelMouse

1) Facebook Access

While adding your Facebook account, you need to allow access to every page you admin. This is fine when someone’s admin for just their own page but can create havoc for a social media manager who manages multiple pages. Granted, this could be Facebook functionality or an integration feature.

But I definitely do not want my clients’ updates showing up on my RebelMouse page, or one clients’ updates on another’s page, even by accident. History has shown us that software glitches a.k.a bugs do happen. This feature poses not only a security risk, but is also prone to human error.

If my RebelMouse account is compromised for some reason, a person could get access to several Facebook page feeds belonging to my clients. The simplest pitfall here is from spoiling a brand’s image by displaying something irrelevant – like posts about female hygiene products on a restaurant’s page – to something more severe like deliberate mischief due to misuse of data.


The ideal solution would be to be able to grant access to specific Facebook pages while authorizing the application.

2) YouTube Integration

Maybe I missed something, but I could not see a way to add my YouTube channel here. Posterous and iTunes would also be a good addition, especially for people who create podcasts or have their own iTunes channels. With audio and video channels being a mainstay of any content marketing strategy, users would definitely like to see these integrated into their RebelMouse page.


3) The ‘Not’ filter

I am surprised more tools don’t have this feature. While it’s helpful that I can filter on tags like ‘social media’, ‘blogging’ etc., it would be much better if I could get everything except ‘personal’, or ‘family’? Functionally, including something should be almost the same as not including something. Or maybe it’s more complicated.

Excluding one or two terms might make more sense in many cases rather than including a whole bunch of them. I eagerly await a tool that gives me this kind of filter, and the ability to further select other logical combinations.


What are some things you would like to see on RebelMouse? Please leave a comment and share this with your friends. User input is necessary to improve any product, and genuine feedback can be a way to give thanks as well as provide useful insight.

In my next post, I will be wrapping up my posts on RebelMouse by comparing it with a couple of popular content curation tools out there.



  1. says

    Hey Pragati,

    I’m the Director of Community at RebelMouse and wanted to first of all thank you so much for trying out RebelMouse and sharing your feedback here! We love to see what our users would like improved :) I also wanted to respond to your wish list!

    1) Facebook Access — our process for this is completely based on Facebook. In your app settings (In the Facebook app center) you can choose to remove access for any given page, but you can’t choose to remove only one page. We’ll watch out for if they ever allow us to give you more control there! We definitely allow you to choose which page or profile feeds into your RebelMouse page though, here’s how to do that: https://www.rebelmouse.com/rebelmouse/how_can_i_connect_a_different_-96455953-s1.html.

    2) YouTube. It’s actually pretty easy to add a YouTube channel with an RSS feed: https://www.rebelmouse.com/rebelmouse/how_to_connect_a_youtube_chann-113546479-s0.html. Let us know if we can help further there!

    3) Filters. This is a feature we’re working on actually :) So glad you’re interested in it, watch out for us announcing it soon.

    If you have any other suggestions, questions or requests we’d love to hear from you anytime! We’re at early@rebelmouse.com and I’m at megan@rebelmouse.com.

    Megan Berry
    Director of Community, RebelMouse

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