143 Blogging Ideas To Create Epic Content

According to a Hubspot study, businesses that blog have 126% higher lead growth than those who don’t. Once you publish about 24-51 posts, your blog traffic can grow by as much as 30%. There is more than enough proof that business blogging helps you increase your visibility and generate leads. And let us assume you have taken the plunge and started your business blog.

The number one question every new blogger faces is what to blog about. It is prudent to develop a content strategy that integrates with your business. A top down approach will work well here. List the different topics you want to write about. These should address the problems faced by your target customer. Product reviews and comparisons, tips and tricks, how to type posts, list posts – these are some of the kind of posts that you can use to mix it up.

143 Blogging Ideas to Create Epic Content

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We have taken a shot at doing some brainstorming and provided some topics for certain well known type of businesses or professions. You can just pick any that applies to you and start writing a brief post on it. Some of these are high level, so they can be broken into a number of posts. These are more of a ‘method’, and hopefully they will get you thinking about other similar things you can write about for your blog.

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This is a LONG post, so I suggest you settle down with a cup of coffee or a chilled Coke, and maybe a notepad to enjoy this.


Blogging Ideas for Real Estate Developers and Interior Designers

Blogging Ideas for Real Estate Developers and Interior Designers

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1. Hazardous staircase designs you should avoid in your home Or X Hazardous step and stair designs you should know

The post can cover the different staircase designs that were involved in accidents in single-family homes. You could also include some of your customers’ views on what features they think are most dangerous.

2. How to make your steps safe for children and seniors

Include various external treatments for indoor and outdoor stairs that make them anti-skid and blunt the impact.

3. How to choose the right window shape for your home

Environmental factors change based on geographical location. Discuss the different window design that are in vogue and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

4. How to select the interior doorways for your home

Every family is unique and so are their preferences. Discuss what ergonomic factors people should think of when they talk to developers and architects during construction and internal layout of the house. What are the different possible doorway designs and advantages of one type or the other?

5. X Ways to make your home secure

People put their sweat and equity into a dream home. But homes are still vulnerable to burglaries and intrusions. Discuss some of the basic precautions people can take to secure their homes.

6. Burglar alarms and security systems you should consider

There is a range of different burglar alarms and security systems available in the market. Explain the different features of these security systems and the factors your readers should consider while buying one.

7. X things to consider for a business location

Location! Location! Location! Depending on your business, this can be the single most important factor in your client’s success. Discuss what according to you are the most important factors while choosing a business location.

8. X tips to make windowless spaces bright and cheery

Closed spaces are often dull and dampen people’s mood. Discuss how you can make rooms that do not have windows or skylights more cheery for the inhabitants.

9. X essentials to give your house a contemporary look

Before making a redecorating decision people research different decoration styles and approaches. Discuss these styles briefly and explain the elements that give the décor a contemporary look.

10. X ways to reduce electricity consumption during winter/summer

Electricity consumption often shoots during extreme temperatures, especially if all the appliances run on electricity. Discuss subtle changes to existing structures that can help reduce the consumption. You can also discuss some designs that people can incorporate while building their house based on local weather conditions.

11. How to prepare your house to deal with fire

Wooden houses are more susceptible to fire than concrete houses. Discuss some of the basic precautions every household must take to ensure that they are prepared for such an event.

12. X most vulnerable spots for fire in a house

Fires can start almost anywhere. However, there are certain places that are more susceptible to fire than the rest. Discuss which spots are most vulnerable and how to take additional precautions in these places.

13. How to design dining spaces to stimulate appetite

It is well know that certain colors and smells can stimulate the senses and increase craving for food. Discuss how restaurants can incorporate these in their dining spaces to stimulate their guests’ appetite

14. X things you must know about moving

Moving is a chore. No matter if you are moving two blocks away or to a different country, it is the most exhausting task. Discuss what your readers need to know about moving on their own or hiring professional movers. You could also add posts on packing and caring for things during the move.

15. How to maximize space in mobile homes

Mobile homes are quite popular and have their advantages and disadvantages. Discuss how mobile home owners can design interiors and select furniture to maximize space in mobile homes.

16. X best design for your dens

Discuss the latest trend in furnishing and designing dens in single family homes.

17. How to choose exterior and interior paints for your house

Discuss the different types of paints available. Which of these are suitable for external surfaces of the house? Which are suitable for the internal surfaces? Does it make sense to use a different type of paint for baths and kitchen?


Blogging Ideas for Online Branding and Marketing Businesses

18. Funny advertisements and slogans

Write a monthly post on the funniest advertisements you come across on the web, in print, or on the street. This will give ideas to your team members and also attract potential clients.

19. Most popular Advertising slogans of the year

Write a report on advertisements that went viral on different social media networks and discuss the anatomy of the piece.

20. Constant advertising does not work

Constant advertising was an important part of marketing. Has that notion changed in the Web 2.0 world? What are some other changes in advertising in the last decade?

21. X effective promotions that work for restaurants

Technology changes in the new century offer many ways to promote businesses. Social media and smart phones have opened new opportunities for the food industry. Discuss some of the most successful social media promotions and how local restaurant owners can use these new solutions for their business.

22. How to out-date your competition in the social media world

Information is the currency of social media, and it quickly loses its value if it is not current. Discuss different ways you can stay ahead of your competition in the social media world.

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23. How does a judge decide on the alimony sum

This is a good topic for divorce lawyers to explain to their clients about the factors that contribute toward deciding the alimony sum.

24. How to legally change your name or get a new name

Many people want to change their name for any number of reasons. But most do not know whom to approach to get this done. Write about what is involved and what considerations the person should make before requesting a name change.

25. X things you should know before ordering you license plates

Designer or custom license plates are allowed by most states. However, the amount of imagery and text that you can put on the plates is governed by specific rules. Discuss what restrictions your state has and advise the readers on design. This topic can also be used by businesses that provide license plate services.

26. Top requirements you should fulfill before being considered fit for adoption

Adoption is not only a long drawn process, but also includes a stringent review process. Advise your clients about how they can make this process smooth and the preparations they should make to get approved.

27. X Information sources to start your business

Starting a business involves many legal and administrative steps. People need to get the right licenses and permissions before they can set up their business. Discuss some of the most helpful information sources for your readers.

28. How to register your business with the government

Registering a business involves multiple steps and elaborate documentation. Explain the various steps involved in the process in this blog post.

29. X ways businesses can use BBB resources

New entrepreneurs do not know about the many resources that are available to them from different organizations and government agencies. Discuss how new businesses can use the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to their benefit.

30. How to procure a fishing license

Fishing is a favorite summer activity for many and many new enthusiasts join each year. Discuss the different laws that people need to know about fishing and how to get the right permissions to fish.


Blogging Ideas for Small Clinics and Pharmacies

31. X things about anesthetics to discuss with your doctor

Use of anesthesia during a surgery is one of the most important factors. A drug development company or a clinic can discuss the latest in this drug category and inform the readers about important factors they need to know.

32. What are some of the common reasons babies cry

Why babies cry is a universal mystery. New parents make wild conjectures and play a guessing game to calm their bundle in vain. Discuss some of the most common reasons babies cry and what the helpless parent can do to try to calm the baby.

33. X signs your kid needs an eye checkup

Kids are not always great at spotting subtle changes or deficits in their eyesight. Discuss the typical symptoms and signs that might indicate that the child needs an eye checkup.

34. X ways excessive coffee drinking can harm you

People know caffeine is bad for health, but are often unaware of long-term problems excessive coffee drinking can have on their health. Discuss the various health effects of coffee drinking and healthy alternatives.

Blogging Ideas for Veterinary – Doctors, Clinics, and Spas

35. X Common ailments that can harm your dog

An excellent topic for a dog shelter or a clinic to attract pet owners and dog lovers. Discuss the most common ailments dogs suffer from and you can extend the post into symptoms and signs that pet owners should watch for.

36. X home remedies to keep your dog free form tics

Tics are one of the most common problems dogs and dog owners have to face. Discuss basic things that the owners can put in place to ensure that their dogs don’t suffer and stay clean.

37. X first-aid tips you should know for your pet’s safety

Pets too are vulnerable to accidents. But often drugs designed for humans are not right for animals. Discuss how owners can give first aid to their pets before reaching the vet.

38. Popular dogs of 2014

Dogs come in different breeds. Some are in, some are out. Like the Chihuahua or the Jack Russel. List some of the latest fashionable dogs. This can be informative as well as entertaining.

39. Apartment dogs versus estate dogs

How do you choose a dog based on where you live? What kind of dogs can you have if you live in an apartment. Or if you live on a farm? Discuss merits of each.

40. How people name their pets worldwide

Believe it or not, pet names vary across the world. Talk about how the same pet might be called something else depending on the country.

41. Different types of dog or cat food

What are the different brands for dog food or cat food. Which is better and why?

42. X Toys your Cat really wants

What kind of toys does your pet crave? Do they need that bed or that soft toy? Or that rubber bone?


Blogging Ideas for Toys and DIY equipment Businesses

Blogging Ideas for Toys and DIY equipment Businesses

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43. How to build a telescope for your kids.

Most DIY kits come with instructions, but providing information about how to do that step by step along with some tips makes the task much easier.

44. How to set up a sandbox for your child

Discuss and instruct your readers about different types of sandboxes and how to build a safe sandbox for their children.

45. Must Have tools for every home owner

List some of the tools everyone needs to carry out some basic maintenance around the home.

46. How to set up a tent

This can be an educational post about how to rig a tent from scratch. You can also write about different kinds of tents and the factors that affect the choice of tent.

47. Art Day with your child

Talk about simple projects you can do at home with your kids, like finger painting curtains, painting stoneware, creating scrap books etc.

Blogging Ideas for Automotive Businesses

48. How to ensure that your car is safe to drive?

Most of us service our cars regularly. But there is always that nagging thought before you decide to go on a road trip about your car’s road worthiness. What are some simple checks a driver can make before leaving on a road trip to make sure that there is no immediate danger of failure.

49. What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a police car?

Used police cars are regularly auctioned and can be bought at low prices. As an experienced auto shop owner, what advice can you provide to your readers. Do you have many customers who bought such cars. What was good or bad about these cars?

50. What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a car at an auction?

The biggest fear for used car buyers is to land with a lemon in their lap. Auctioned cars can be cheap, but are they worth taking a chance. Discuss your experience with such car auctions and some interesting stories you have heard about car auctions.

51. Step-by-step approach to buying a used car

In addition to the bargaining challenge, used car buyers also need to ensure that the car is in a good condition and that they won’t incur any immediate major repairs on the car. As an auto mechanic, advise your readers on the best method to inspect a used car before they make the final decision.

52. How to Get the Most out of your Tires

Talk about some basic tips for tire care. Weigh the benefits of tire rotation. What happens if you replace just one tire instead of all four? Should you go for retreading?

53. The red engine light, and why you should pay attention

As more and more car parts become computerized, the red engine check light seems to come on more often. Discuss why it is important to check it out right away.

54. DIY oil change

Can you do a oil change yourself. What are the pros and cons of doing it at home? What precautions should you take before doing one?

55. X gadgets for DIY car maintenance

Talk about some tools you should always have in your car. These could be the Flat fixer spray, anti freeze if you live in a cold climate, spade or shovel for snow, deicer spray and so on.

56. How to fix small scratches

Small scratches on the paint are common if you live in metro cities. Or they could be caused by pesky kids running a blade on your fancy car. Talk about small things you can do to touch up the paint, instead of going for a professional paint fix.


Blogging Ideas for Personal Blog or Affiliate Bloggers

57. What are some of the common dangers faced by expecting mothers in this century

Discuss what are the most common dangers discussed by medical practitioners. This topic can also be used by doctors and clinics.

58. X ways highschoolers can earn an allowance

Doing odd jobs for an allowance is an established tradition. However, technology revolution has opened up many new avenues to earn an allowance. Discuss some of the unique ways kids can earn an allowance that will also help them in personal development.

59. X part-time jobs for grad school students

Grad school tuitions are prohibitory, any small amount can add to reducing this burden. What are some of the traditional and new par-time jobs that grad school students can explore to earn money along with their education.

60. How to manage the bird problem at your home

Birds are getting scarce in the city every day, and we do like to feed them and provide water. But with a lot of them around you, it can easily become a problem. Talk about the different solutions and commercial products that can help you solve this problem.

61. Choose the right bird feed

People often buy birdfeed for their backyard. Discuss the different types of birdfeed and stores where your readers can buy the birdfeed. Do specific birds prefer a specific type of birdfeed? Add this information and help your readers attract the right kind of birds.

62. X Bird Watchers organization you can join

Organizations are a great place to connect with like-minded individuals and share ideas. Discuss some of the most popular and active bird watcher’s organizations in your country and state.

63. X Birds that can be trained to talk

A Parrot is the most commonly encountered talking bird. What are some other birds that can be trained as easily to talk?

64. How to train birds to talk

Do birds just pick up what they hear and start talking? Or do you have to train them to repeat certain words. How much can a bird be trained. Discusses various training methods and tools people can use to train birds.

65. X tools to manage your monthly household budget.

Monthly budget is the only way you can keep your household expenses in check. What are some of the most popular software and mobile apps that help people track their monthly household budget?

66. How to create a Monthly Household Budget.

Most people want to budget their monthly expenses and run a tight ship. But not everyone is a born accountant. Discuss simple steps everyone can take to create a monthly budget and common expense heads.

67. How to prepare your child for a haircut at the barber

Most children are afraid of haircuts. Discuss different tricks that you have learned and know that soothe the child and prepare them for the haircut.

68. X refreshing ideas for a kiddie party

You can never know enough games to keep this clientele interested for hours. Discuss some of the latest trends for kids’ birthday parties and suggest fun games and other party preparations.

69. How to determine the right shoe size for your child’s feet

The task may sound simple, but it is not. How much space should you leave at the front? How much room is too much? Discuss various tips that your readers can use while trying on shoes for their kids.

70. How to gift wrap like a pro

Wrapping gifts without wasting paper and neatly is a huge challenge for many. Discuss the best way to cut gift paper and a step-by-step method to neatly wrap boxes.

71. X Tips to decorate your house for festivals

Almost all people across the world decorate their homes during festivals and holidays. Discuss various traditional and new trends in decoration for people from different communities.

72. Fireworks safety every child needs to know

Fireworks are dangerous, but there are some simple things that everyone can follow to stay out of harm’s way when playing with fireworks. Discuss tips and tricks to light fireworks without getting too close.

73. How To keep your furniture clean and smelling fresh

There are various polishes and other liquids that can be used to clean you furniture without harming the material. Discuss the products that can keep the furniture clean and also eliminate odors.

74. X things you should check in a return policy while buying online

Every portal has a different policy for different types of goods. Discuss what specific clauses can harm consumers or what they really mean in simple terms.

75. How to care for your winter clothes after winter

Some of the clothes we have are seasonal and they need to be stored. Discuss different ways to care for seasonal wear to keep them from damage through the year.

76. X tools every kitchen gardener must have at hand

Kitchen gardens are very popular where weather permits people to have one. Discuss the essential tools and equipment that kitchen garden enthusiasts need to have to build a garden of their dreams.

77. Farming innovations of the decade every farmer must know

Innovations happen every day. Discuss some the greatest and most popular tools and methods that evolved in the last decade that helped farmers increase the farm yield.

78. How to build a picket fence

This could be a long-term project for many. Discuss the best places to source material for the fence, the kind of wood, coatings and other equipment the readers need to get started on the project.

79. X latest fence styles you should evaluate

Fences add to the overall beauty of the house. Discuss the latest designs introduced in the market and the most popular ones. Talk about advantages and disadvantages of these styles.

80. X Interesting facts about (your country’s) national flag

There is always an interesting story behind a country’s national flag. Report the most interesting facts about your country’s national flag.

81. X standard sauce recipes

Most traditional cuisines have standard sauce or gravy recipes that go with multiple preparations. Discuss how to prepare these sauces and different preparations that can be made with them.

82. Different cuts every food blogger must understand

Many recipes use specific meat cuts without which the recipe won’t really mean much. Discuss various cuts listed at the butcher’s and what they mean.

83. X things you should know about organizing a fundraiser

People like to organize parties to raise money for local causes as well as other charity purposes. Discuss how to best organize these events to attract the right people and maximize donations.

84. How to spot a fake antique

There are many antique shops and people who like to shop for antiques. Discuss how to analyze the pieces and typical markers that the piece is not really an antique.

85. X facts you must know about printing good quality photos

With a range of devices and cameras to take and view photos, photo printing may not seem too popular. However, this range of devices also means more choices for image formats and quality. Discuss how to select the right image formats and specifications for printing good quality photos.

86. X Groundhog Day stories you will love

Everyone loves the end of cold winter and arrival of spring and I am sure are as happy as the ground hog. Share some of the most interesting stories you know about Groundhog Day.

87. X holidays that are observed across the world

Each country has its special and unique holiday list. Discuss some of the holidays that are celebrated across the world and talk about what they are and how they are celebrated. You can also talk about how they are celebrated in different countries.

88. X ways to manage domestic insects and pests

Seasonal insects and pests can damage your house if not dealt with immediately. Discuss products that people can use and preventive measures that you can take to deal with the nuisance.

89. X exciting new games for a kiddie party

There’s always some new craze or toys that are doing the rounds. Discuss the latest thing that is getting kids excited and suggest some themes for the kids’ parties.

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Blogging Ideas for Florists

90. How to keep flowers fresh in a vase

Flower arrangements add to the home environment and also have an invigorating effect on the interiors. Discuss some tips and tricks that help keeping the flowers fresh for a long time.

91. How to choose appropriate flowers for an occasion

Are there any specific guidelines about which type of flowers are suitable for what kind of occasion? Discuss these guidelines and help your readers buy the right type of flowers for the next event.

92. X funny first date notes/messages with flowers

The first thing people do when they get a flower delivery is read the attached card. Blog about some nice messages for different occasions.

93. When is it ok to send flowers?

Not sure of flower etiquette? What are some dos and don’ts while sending flowers? When is it ok to send flowers, and when is it in bad taste. Or is it ever? Discuss your point of view.

94. What does a certain flower say?

We know red roses mean love, and yellow probably mean friendship. Talk about what a flower is known for. Does sending a certain flower convey a particular message?

95. X themes for Flowers for weddings

Some people might plan an entire wedding around a flower they like, or the color of the flower. What are the popular themes for weddings this year? What kind of color themes can come out of a certain flower.

96. Assembling a wedding bouquet

How do you design a wedding bouquet? What do you take into consideration while doing it?

97. Popular flowers of 2014

What are the flowers that are making waves in 2014 at celebrity events or parties? Choose 10 top actors and talk about their favorite flower.

98. Flowers and scents

What flowers are popular for scent making? Which is the most favorite flower based scent out there? For example, the 1920s were known for the scent of violets. Patchouli made an appearance with Shalimar and Opium.

99. Flowers and aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is popular nowadays. Talk about what that gardenia candle is doing for you. Or why you might choose lilac over frangipani.


Blogging Ideas for Musical Equipment business

100. Memorable moments of school bands at xxx

Every school has a school band that performs at school events. What were some of the memorable moments in your city?

101. Popular band formations and band instruments

A band plays a range of instruments. Discuss which instrument is the most coveted or popular among kids.

102. How to tune Piano and Guitar Strings

Newbies often do not understand if their guitar is in tune or not. They are also unsure about how tight the string should be. Discuss how to check if the equipment is in tune and then how to tune it.

103. Ethnic or offbeat musical instruments

You have heard of a guitar and drums, and maybe a trumpet. But have you heard of a sitar? Or a tambourine? Or a ukulele? Talk about different instruments used to create folk music or instruments that are from a certain region.

104. Origin of instruments

Where did the guitar come from? Or the banjo? Create a weekly theme where you talk about the historical aspect or some interesting story behind how an instrument became popular.

105. Music Genres inspired by Instruments

When you think jazz, the saxophone comes to mind. When you think rock, a guitar is a must. What about the violin or the piano? Talk about different music genres inspired by a certain instrument.

106. Top X Guitar Players

Create a theme around the well known musicians around a certain instrument. Like top 5 guitar players, top 5 violinists, top 7 pianists, top 3 drummers – you get the idea. WordPress recently named their latest version after Charlie Brown. You can certainly take inspiration from it.

107. How to take care of your musical instruments

How should you care for your trumpet? Or your piano? Talk about steps to take to keep musical instruments in top condition.


Blogging Ideas for Finance and Banking

Blogging Ideas for Finance

Image Courtesy: frankie_8/ freedigitalphotos.net

108. X factors that affect your chances of getting a loan

Although in most of the large banks, this decision is based on numbers and is done by an algorithm, some smaller banks do involve humans in the decision process. Either way, knowing what factors influence the decision can help your readers make the right choice. Discuss the typical factors that are evaluated for offering a loan and deciding the interest rate.

109. How to plan savings for retirement

People have many questions about planning for retirement: when to start saving, how much to save, and which options are risk-free. Discuss the various investment categories and long-term saving options.

110. X must have features of a retirement plan

There are various options to start retirement saving. Discuss some of the basic and must have features that people should look for in their retirement plans and explain these features in detail, perhaps in separate posts.

111. X facts you must know about life insurance policies

Buying a life insurance policy is an important investment and often a difficult one. Discuss the different types of life insurance policies people can buy and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of policy.

112. How to select a life insurance policy

People need to consider many important things before making a decision to buy a life insurance policy. Discuss a step-by-step approach to short listing a life insurance policy.

113. All about mutual funds

What are the different types of funds. What are their ratings and what do they mean? What kind of fund should be chosen? Should your age affect what type of fund you invest in? There is always a new crop of people wanting to know these things. Informative posts with example will be very helpful to your readers.

114. What is Prime rate and how does it affect the personal investor

This might get a bit technical but your skill lies in breaking things down so that it is simple for your customer to understand.

Blogging Ideas for Human Resource Organizations and Professionals

115. Do bonuses really motivate employees?

Bonuses have been long used by employers to recognize the efforts their employees put in their work. Is this still the most prevalent motivation technique used by employers or do workers now put more value into some other methods of motivation.

116. Different Manager Personas and their advantages

Different managers have different management styles. What are some of the broad typical manager personas that we see in offices today? From a manager’s perspective, discuss which management style is most easily accepted by today’s workforce.

117. X quotes and signs to cheer up the workplace

Discuss some of the most inspiring quotes and jokes that can make people smile and stay upbeat.

118. X recreational activities to boost employee morale

Team building activities outside of work help motivate employees and make them more productive. Discuss some of the latest trends and events that organizations are using to boost their employees’ morale.

119. X primary reasons people look for job change

In your experience, what are the most common reasons people leave jobs? Discuss these reasons, and how organizations can address these common issues to reduce employee turnover.

120. X ways to alienate people and make enemies

We have books written on how to get people to like you and be agreeable. What are the sure shot ways of alienating people and making enemies at the workplace? Discuss a list of what not to do and how to handle tricky situations.

121. X proven ways of getting others’ cooperation

Getting the cooperation of team members is extremely important for managers and team leaders. Discuss some tried and tested ways to create a conducive team environment where leads don’t have to exert much to get cooperation from team members.

122. X most important factors included in appraisals for promotions

Appraisal for promotion and raise is an annual ritual. Discuss some of the most important factors that management considers while deciding to give a raise or promote someone to a higher responsibility.

123. X new jobs for the decade you should know

Technology and socio-economic conditions are always in a flux and affect the jobs that are available to the people. Discuss some of the most important developments of the decade and how they will influence the jobs that people are doing now.

124. X qualities every leader must have

Are leaders born or are they made? Discuss some of the most important qualities every leader must have.

125. Characteristics of an engaging application letter

The application letter or a cover note can make or break your chances. Discuss the information that every cover note must have to entice the reader to open the resume.

Blogging Ideas for Writers and Publishers

126. How do Editors decide what to publish?

This question is topmost in new authors’ minds. Discuss what goes into a decision about an article or a book at your publishing house or the things editors consider before publishing a piece.

127. How do publishers decide the number of books to print in the first edition?

Most popular authors have historical data that publishers can use to decide the number of prints they want in the first edition. But how is this decision made for a new author?

128. Essential components of a book marketing plan

Digital devices like Kindle and the self-publishing trend has brought an explosion in the number of books that are released in the digital world every day. Discuss what basic strategy these self-published authors should adopt to market their books to the readers.

129. X books every first-time author should read

This can be a list of useful resources, right from those on creative writing to book marketing. Think of the different things a writer needs and make a list of what can be most useful. This can be spun into a number of posts according to categories like writing resources, author branding, book marketing, publicity etc.

130. X Author success stories

This can be a recurring feature on your blog. Showcase first time authors who have made it big. Talk about their work and what they are doing to market their book.

131. Self publishing or traditional publishing

This is a question that every author faces at some time. The latest self publishing revolution is very enticing because it promises instant success. Should authors even try to go the traditional route now? What are the pros and cons of each method?

132. How can authors build an online brand?

Whether authors choose to self publish or not, they still need to have a strong presence on the Internet. How can one go about building it?

133. Typical grammar and editing mistakes

You would think that someone who is about to publish a book knows grammar. Not necessarily. It will be very helpful to write about some typical mistakes authors make based on what you see in business. This can also be a recurring theme.

134. The Case Against Professional editing

Should you hire an editor? Or just do it yourself? Talk about pros and cons of either method.

135. Do you need an agent?

Another common question – should an author hire and agent or not?

136. Book Trailers and how to get them for cheap

Book trailers are all the rage. Talk about the essential elements of one and how an author might get one created.

Blogging Ideas for In Store Sales Professionals

137. X ways to manage store walkouts and increase sales

Discuss various ways you can engage a customer walking out of your store without making a purchase and ensure that you have done everything to make a sale.

138. X new in-store sales techniques that work

Earlier, people came to the store to buy. Now with online shopping getting popular, more people come to just look at the product and prefer to buy online. What are some of the modern effective sales techniques professionals can use to close the deal in the store?

139. X ways to break the ice

How can you get a customer talking? How can you break the ice once you get them talking. Discuss time proven strategies a sales rep can use to establish rapport with the customer.

140. X things to Avoid

What are some of the things that might annoy a customer? Discuss behavioral dos and don’ts for sales reps. Talk about what to avoid like being too pushy or rude.

141. How to be politically correct

With the population becoming more global, there are a wide variety of ethnic people in stores. Train sales reps about how to be inoffensive, how to respect religious and ethnic boundaries, how to exhibit neutral behavior regarding people’s political preferences or lifestyle choices etc.

142. How to close a sale

This might be the oldest thing to be taught to an aspiring sales rep, but it is still an art that is much needed. Discuss various ways you can encourage customers to take a buying decision. This matters more for big ticket items like televisions or washing machines.

143. Cross sells and Up Sells

Your customer just bought some cans of paint. What else is he going to need? Maybe masking tape, gloves, brushes, rollers, even a ladder! Discuss ways in which sales people can spot wider opportunities based on what people are buying.


These seem like a lot, but I haven’t even skimmed the surface. There are so many other small business owners out there like spas, beauticians, fitness trainers, personal chefs, graphic artists, care givers, fashion designers and so on.

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