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What if you could tell your brand story with a content strategy crafted to generate more leads and win you new customers? Our content plans are aligned to your content strategy so you can meet your business goals.

Exhibit compelling content to engage your customer

We not only craft magnetic content, we give your content wings using content amplification and promotion with the right social media channels.

Everything we do is customized for You!

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Our Clients Say . . .

As our web designer, Pragati Bidkar guided us through the steps we needed to perform in order to create a business online, all the way from domain selection to payment tools available, display formats, product arrangement, and the payment process. She was very patient explaining each step in detail. Once options had been narrowed down and decisions made, she then established the web site. The business is now up and running. She is very patient working with inexperienced clients such as ourselves…
Virginia GodfreyArtistVirginia Godfrey Richmond, VA

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About RightMix Technologies

RightMix Technologies has been co-founded by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, both proud alumni of Oklahoma State University.

As a startup, we are well acquainted with the problems of solopreneurs and small business owners who want the best on a tight budget.

We envision a world where knowledge will be freely available to anyone who wants to learn. We advocate open communication and collaboration between all our stakeholders.

We believe sharing knowledge will lead to empowerment and create synergies that will benefit the world at large.

Our Values


We will collaborate with our partners, peers and customers in every way possible to establish clear and open communication.


We will help our customers overcome knowledge and information barriers and educate them based on their need.


We will try to empower our customers in every way possible through our services so that they can achieve higher efficiency in their work.


We hope to meet and exceed expectations to delight our customers and keep them coming back.

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